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Tutoring and School Readiness Program

Camden Academics

Camden Academics is a new tutoring service currently servicing students aged 4-15.

At Camden Academics we know that no two people are the same and that we all learn differently. That is why we sit down with you prior to each term to discuss your learning needs. We also discuss what outcomes you and your children would like to achieve and implement strategies to help you achieve your goals.

All tuition is personally tailored to each individual student regardless if they are receiving one on one tuition or participating in group workshops.










Group Workshops

(4-6 students)

Group workshops are 10 x 1hr intensive learning programs suitable for all ages and abilities. Each workshop is unique and personalised to meet EACH individual students needs. They focus on comprehensive writing strategies and techniques to improve your childs writing.

Workshop programs are written with a thorough understanding of NSW syllabus outcomes and NAPLAN assessment criteria. Every workshop  uses engaging themes to explore writing for specific social purposes including imaginative, informative and persuasive writing.












Custom Tuition

At Camden Academics we understand that every child is unique and learns different to others. We offer customised tuition. If you are unsure what your child needs or would like tutoring at an alternate location or for a shorter period of time, please contact us and we will do our best to meet the needs of your child.



Individual Tuition


Individual tutoring sessions are available for students of all ages.

All tutoring sessions are different as they are peronalised for every student. Sessions are not limited to one subject and are based on the needs of the student.















School Readiness Groups

(10 students per group)

School readiness groups are 1 hour workshops that prepare children for school. Students engage in a structured 1 hour of learning activities designed to develop your childs fine motor and cooperation skills.

Children will engage in story time, writing, art and developmental play activities designed to prepare your children for school.







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Every child that starts tutoring with Camden Academics receives a free consultation. During each consultation students and parents discuss their interests and what they would like to achieve. Students receive an assessment that helps the tutors design a personalised program for every student.

Tuition Type

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Individual Tuition

Group Workshops  (4-6 students)

School Readiness Groups (10 students per group)

Custom Tuition





About Us


Meagan Woodward

Teacher / Tutor

Masters of Teaching (Primary) Western Sydney University


I am a dedicated and passionate teacher. I am enthusiastic about learning and committed to improving student outcomes through high quality personalised teaching and learning programs. For the past 5 years I have worked as a Primary School teacher. I have extensive knowledge of up to date teaching practices and have spent the last 4 years learning and researching the best practices to teach both literacy and numeracy.


Bradley Woodward

Teacher / Tutor

Graduate Diploma Education (Secondary)

Bachelor Design and Technology (Sub Majoring Industrial Graphics)



With a background in Graphic Design, Product Design and Computing I have taken this expertise to the classroom with excellent results.


I offer individual tutoring to high school students undertaking Preliminary or HSC Information Processes & Technology, Industrial Technology Graphics and Design and Technology. I provide mentoring and guidance to students undertaking Major Projects through to successful completion and prepare students for exams.








Camden Academics


ABN: 68 383 791 247